Allie M. Designs - Leading A Charmed Life....

A few little fun tidbits about me…

Hello! My name is Allie. I’m an identical twin, married and I have two four legged children, Chance (a mixed terrier) and Luna (my white tabby cat). My other passions when I’m not creating designs is hanging with my family and friends, taking outdoor walks with my dog (and cat too) and I still sneak designing in even when I’m not supposed to be designing.

My love and addiction for jewelry started late in childhood. I knew I was hooked when I started collecting sterling silver and gold charms to add to my charm holder when all the other kids my age were collecting such other items as miniature dolls, marbles and other trinket items that children collect for their designs, models or just plain imagination.
After graduating from high school I decided to move to Los Angeles, CA to get my start in Fashion Design. So, 1999 along with family support I packed up and moved to California. Once settled, I started FLD, a pet accessories business, which was a stepping stone for my current jewelry collections. With graduating in 2004 with my BA in Fashion Design and Marketing I moved back to Ohio to take a few classes in metals, while pursuing my Masters, which enhanced my already known knowledge of resin, metal along with my own Allie flare of vintage style and historical research.

At present time along with all of the knowledge, education and support that I have gained over the years, I’m very excited and proud to announce my new Symbolic Herb Collection. I hope this line brings peace and solitude to all as it has brought to my family and friends!

Allie M.

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